The ongoing struggle to provide clean water across the globe is about to get a lot easier. Until now, the world has not been able to tap into the molecular energy trapped inside a molecule of H2O. Hydrenesis is a culmination of groundbreaking technologies that will drastically alter the landscape of wastewater treatment, desalination and drinking water applications. A recent breakthrough has successfully harnessed and redirected the power contained in H2O. We now have the ability to remove any contamination, from any water, at a fraction of the cost of today’s technologies.

The next evolution of water is long overdue and Hydrenesis is equipped to deliver decisive blows to countless global water crises.

Advanced Water Technologies Commercialization

Hydrenesis partners with leading water technology IP holders to bring the benefits of those technologies to their respective industry applications. Drawing from decades of business and water technology experience, we take the path of least resistance to the end goal. We have the ability to arrange the funding, development, and pilot testing from any stage. We encourage collaboration by providing Market Developers that navigate delicate ecosystems of value chain proposition. Our Market Developers have a reputation for bringing viable technology to the market, so the transition is easy and usually funded. Our technologies are already in use all around the world and continue to expand to new markets and industries every day. We are always seeking new Technology Partners and Market Developers to further our reach and bring clean, great tasting water…wherever the need.

Network of global industries development teams with expertise
in bringing new technologies to market.

[Decades of experience in the trenches bring the right business algorithm to Hydrenesis.

The genesis of plentiful, low cost, clean water ... wherever the need

If you have large quantities of highly concentrated, toxic, or in anyway unfavorable wastewater, our technologies address these issues.

The Team

David Antelo

David is a graduate of the University
of Notre Dame, during his 14-year career in the financial industry, he learned to develop and
execute effective strategies. For the last 12 years he has been dedicated to developing clean
water solutions with a cutting-edge water technology company. He is the President, CEO and
Founder of Hydrenesis and has been its product visionary, bringing together revolutionary
technology and a powerful team to execute the aggressive growth plan.

Luke Timmons
Chief Operations Officer/Director

Luke is a 3rd generation water
expert and he started his career in the family business in residential, commercial, and industrial water treatment sectors. He helped his family build the company into a water empire and, along the way, earned numerous industry and private organization certifications. Luke took a military service break in 2007, serving two combat deployments as an Army Infantryman with the 101st Airborne Division in Afghanistan. After his Honorable Discharge in 2012, he returned to the world of water and is now the Chief Operations and Interim Technology Officer in charge of development for Hydrenesis.

Bob Watson

Bob is a graduate of Columbia University in New
York City, and his early career was spent with Procter & Gamble and J. Walter Thompson
Advertising Agency. He left corporate life in the early 1980’s, led two start-ups and two
turnarounds as CEO, and then spent a decade in Silicon Valley as a partner in one of the leading strategic advisory firms that worked with the portfolio companies of the top venture capital firms in the Valley. Bob has spent the past decade as CEO of Watson Strategic, a strategic advisory firm where he serves on the boards of early stage growth companies. In that capacity, he has co-founded and raised funding for more than 30 different companies in a variety of industries