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(HURT) Water Program

The Hydrovolt Urban Response Treatment (HURT) Water Program centers around the ability to mobilize the system quickly and easily with minimal training. It is a portable system that can be operated by anyone and has the capacity to provide significant amounts of water in any location using any water source including sea water. Our HydroVolt line is able to provide water from any water source. HydroVolt SQN is the flagship emergency water purification system. It contains an internal generator, military grade components, and can operate in the harshest environments. The diesel generator can power the unit over 6 hours on one tank. It can also provide 6.4 kW of external electricity for powering lights, drills, saws, laptops, and cell phones. Combined with an extremely user-friendly operation, the HydroVolt SQN is the most effective tool when large quantities of water need to be purified from any water source. The managed service program allows your group to deliver virtually any amount of water, anywhere, at a fraction of the cost. Most applications of the SQN are temporary during times of crisis or emergency. The HURT program allows you to use the service with no need to store and maintain units the other 300 days of the year.

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Innovative Solutions for Clean Water

If you have large quantities of highly concentrated, toxic, or in anyway unfavorable wastewater, our technologies address these issues.


Emergency Drinking Water & Power

Hydrenesis provides emergency drinking water and power to people in need using ANSA Technologies advanced line of HydrovoltTM Purification systems. Following hurricanes, earthquakes, flooding, or any other natural disaster, HydrovoltTM units can be deployed to purify any seawater and nearly every freshwater source.

The onboard diesel generator produces 6Kw of energy that can be used to purify water for drinking, or power external emergency equipment. The unit is built on a Mil-Spec frame and has rugged wheels to be versatile in any terrain.

Generator Produces 6Kw of Energy

Gallons of Drinking Water Per Unit

The unit can create from 2,500 to 5,000 gallons of drinking water depending on the source. With ten units connected together, that’s up to 50,000 gallons of safe drinking water for people in need.

Once the emergency has subsided, the units are recovered and refurbished for the next deployment. Since it’s a service, there is no need to store equipment or hold an inventory. This option opens the way for municipalities, governments, disaster relief organizations, not-for-profit organizations, and anyone else who requires water in dire times.

It's A Service.

No Storage.
No Inventory.

The Genesis of Plentiful, Low Cost & Clean Water.

If you have large quantities of highly concentrated, toxic, or in anyway unfavorable wastewater, our technologies address these issues.