The Hydrovolt SQN stands alone in the mobile water purification industry.

Key Features:

  • Desalination ready
  • Can be deployed over 100m (300ft) from water-source
  • Self-Powered with connections to use external power if needed
  • Produces up to 2,500 Gallons of drinking water from Salt Water.
  • Produces up to 5,000 gallons of drinking water from fresh water sources
  • Nanofiltration Technology Down to .oo5 Micron7 Stage Filtration
  • 5 kW Diesel GeneratorBack
  • Flushable Sleeve Filters
  • Optional Desalination Module
  • Produces 5,500 Gallons from Freshwater Sources

The HydroVolt AQS is currently under military testing and provides
both desalination and nano-filtration which will be available to
the private sector soon.

The Hydrovolt line is poised to tackle some of the worlds toughest water problems. With three different platforms, we can tailor the solution to your situation. The same heavy-duty, military-grade quality and reliability are built into every component of our systems. Water is a basic human right; we help protect that right.

Our Engineering team is limited only by our imaginations when it comes to applications. Our managed services business model make using our “turnkey” services a no-brainer. We bring our mobile water treatment sites to where you need it most. Once you no longer require the equipment, we recover, refurbish, and ready them for their next mission. 

• 1,000LPH Production
• Self-Filling
•Temperature Controlled
• Variable Output

The genesis of plentiful, low cost, clean water ... wherever the need

If you have large quantities of highly concentrated, toxic, or in anyway unfavorable wastewater, our technologies address these issues.