Advanced Water Technologies Commercialization

Hydrenesis partners with leading technology IP Holders to develop and integrate new technologies across multiple industries. Drawing from decades of business and water technology experience, we navigate markets to achieve the most efficient path to commercialization.

Hydrenesis Aquaculture

We provide real world solutions to real world problems in the commercial aquaculture sector.


We utilize cutting-edge purification systems from ANSA Technologies, manufacturers of portable, self-powered drinking water solutions.

Managed Services

Delivering emergency drinking water and power to people in need using ANSA Technologies' advanced line of HydrovoltTM Purification systems.

We are Hydrenesis

In no other time in history has humanity achieved such innovation and technological development.

However, many of these advancements have come at the expense of our environment and natural resources.

Hydrenesis is driven by a passion to heal, protect and ensure that these resources can thrive alongside the technology revolution.

We provide companies with solutions to manage waste, byproducts and increase efficiency throughout all their processes.

Our technologies are extremely effective in confronting the damaging effects of REDOX processes throughout 65 industrial and biological processes.

David Antelo 

Proven Technology You Can Trust.

We are committed to providing the highest level of professionalism, service response, and quality workmanship.


Hydrenesis utilizes cutting-edge purification systems from ANSA technologies, category 5 wind-capable solar power units and scalable systems that use molecular-level technology.

Network of global industries development teams with expertise
in bringing new technologies to market.

[Decades of experience in the trenches bring the right business algorithm to Hydrenesis.

  • Diversified technology & business development team

  • Operational experience in the harshest environments

  • Exceptional customer service and attention to detail

  • Solution-driven team focusing only on client needs

  • Innovative metrics for new industry technology applications

The genesis of plentiful, low cost, clean water ... wherever the need

If you have large quantities of highly concentrated, toxic, or in anyway unfavorable wastewater, our technologies address these issues.